Run for office!

The Green Party is calling on social justice-minded individuals, particularly people of color, to run for local and state office in 2017 on a strong platform for racial justice.

In many states, election for local offices and even some statewide offices are held in odd numbered years.  Offices like school board, town council, district attorney, and state representative.  These positions can wield a lot of power and influence over policies that affect people in their every day lives.  They can also have a direct impact on racial justice issues.


For example, the school board can focus on "zero tolerance" policies and examine the school-to-prison pipeline in your District.

In most communities, municipal government manages the local police and can push for greater accountability, improved training, and decriminalization of minor offenses such as small amounts of recreational drugs.

Running for office can be one of the best ways to get your message out.  As a candidate, you will have the opportunity to:

- create a vision of change for your community

- organize people around that vision

- build legitimacy for that vision

- articulate that vision to a broader public

Interested?  Tell us you're thinking about it and learn how to run on an upcoming webinar.

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